Goodbye Faninha Church Youth Trips

I love Tasha. We have been married for nearly 14 years and neither one of us is the same today as the day we met – thank God! Each day, week, month, and year, she tries things that she hopes will improve our marriage, our children, and our home. What more can I ask for?

We ‘figure out’ together how to proceed. Which path to take. Who we will aid and who we will stand up against. I have weaknesses and so does she. But she keeps letting me come home anyway!

God, thank you for my wife. Thank you for giving me a person that loves and cares about me. I pour out all that I am to you that I may hear Your voice guiding me in my marriage. Shout in our ears when we fail to seek You out. Cry out to our hearts to straighten our course.

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