The IRS Goodbye Faninha

When I was 10 years old my parents arranged for me to have the opportunity to fly in a glider! What a neat experience. I’m sure we didn’t have a lot of money at that time and I remember the sign in front of the glider reading $20 (that is $40 today according to

Memories of my childhood are fading more and more – but I will always remember my parents’ commitment to exposing me to a variety of ‘interesting’ family activities. On the way to go horseback riding we had a typical small family-fight. However, as I look at the smiling pictures, I hope the memories will be of the fun and not the fight. I wonder if I was a little brat on the way to get my glider ride….probably.

I pray that my children will offer unique opportunities to their children and to other family and friends. I pray they will recognize and appreciate the value of a walk in the park. But I pray that they have the energy and courage it takes to venture outside the park, too!

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