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Apr 182008

Another tax season is over. This year I have ended Russell’s Tax & Accounting Service for the foreseeable future. My payroll, tax, and payables/receivables clients all have their records. I’ve finished filing all that is left – the permission forms they’ve given to me to work on their behalf. I am glad I took the initiative to study, learn, and practice the accounting and tax world. My current job is primarily one of finance and I put to almost daily use the experience I’ve gained with this venture. Though I am glad that I have a terrific understanding of the basics and beyond, I am also glad it is over. It was difficult to balance the time it took to have a second (or third/fourth) job and still have time for family, fun, and sleep!

God is first, my marriage is second, my children are next…and then work falls in there a little ways down the list. Work for me right now is First Baptist Church of Coldwater, then Phil’s Driving School, and then Coldwater track and cross-country. Whew, that is enough.

Thank you God for laying out the path for me that you want me to follow. Thank you for giving me the courage to end a tax business that has laid such a wonderful foundation for my current life. Please guide me and continue to open and close doors for me. Amen.

Apr 032008

I’ve been thinking a lot about my father lately. He passed away in August of 2007 after a very brief fight with cancer. He was 60 years old. My father was not perfect, no one is. But I know that he did the best that he could to be a loving father to me. It is difficult to plan to deliver the same quality to my children as he did to me. They are tough shoes to fill! Here is a link to my father’s obituary. Look at his life. He traveled, served his country, was involved in athletics, strived to be a Christian, and loved his wife and child.

Lord, thank you for giving me a wonderful father to teach me in the ways You want me to go. I suspect I’ll never know the degree to which I was blessed. I pray that my father has received Your promises in Heaven. Please help me to honor my father with the actions of my life – help me to raise my children in the way You want them to go.

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