Sick! Jammin’ Pastor

I was blessed today in spite of being the sickest I have been in many years! Marena and I went to the church to lock up and check over the media for Easter Sunday. At the end, Marena was proud to show me a Nicole Nordeman song on youtube. It was a wonderful video portraying the last moments of Christ’s life. It was inspiring.

Then we went to the drug store to get Tasha’s medicine (she is VERY sick). On the way home Marena surprised me by saying, “Dad, can we take a drive before we go home?” Of course! We went to the ice cream store in Girard and ended up eating chili and sharing french fries w/chili. I guess it was too cold for ice cream. Marena ended it off by saying, “that satisfied my appetite.”

Dear God, thank you for these wonderful moments with my children. The moments are remarkably simple but I suspect they are priceless. Please be a loud and constant voice in my children’s ears. I pray they will seek You out and will love You the way I have loved them.

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