Date Night With Sara Radio

Today was my first track meet as a Coach. We took a small group of seasoned athletes and walked away with 17 medals! I’ll accept that.

At one point in the meet I was standing with Assistant Coaches Jim Bilsborrow and Mike McConnell while Cliff Bowers was securing a first place finish in the Shot Put. I am so pleased with the style of these two coaches. A thrower that was a little down was receiving instruction from Coach McConnell and at the end of his exchange, Coach instructed the thrower to, “put a smile on your face.” It was nice of him to say this, though it came out as more of an order than a request. The thrower tried to hold out – be tough. But ultimately the thrower loosened up and you could tell that Coach McConnell delivered the instruction that was needed, and followed it up with the compassion that that the thrower needed. All while staying a tough guy!

Coach Bilsborrow has so many years of experience. He knows the techniques and the most effective ways to instruct. And he gets sooo excited to hear one of the athletes has improved their personal best. Praise God for Coaches like these two and praise Him for putting me in a position to observe their style and to hopefully continue their winning tradition!

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