Buster & Ginger Date Night With Sara

I had an awesome day at Granger Church today. I didn’t know Dan Vukmirovich before joining the staff at FBC-Coldwater, but he seems like a follower of Jesus Christ that I want to be associated with. The ride home with two Russes (how do I spell that) in the front seat made answering to Pastor Pierce a little weird! It was hard telling who he was talking to. Maybe that’s a taste of the way the two Dave’s feel around the church.

Why does sound and video matter? The Message isn’t changing so what place does sound and video have in the service? I encourage the people that ask me that question to pray to God for the answers. Prayers have led me to believe it is important to be able to relate to people where they are – and today that means making use of visual arts. It isn’t awesome that this media can be used to promote separation from God. But it IS awesome that God is working in my life to make me a resource for Him through this media. May God direct my ability to new levels of inspiration and quality, that my work will result in helping my community prepare to receive the Word of God.

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