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Mar 302008

Here is an unauthorized photo of the jammin’ Pastor at First Baptist Church of Coldwater! Note the yellow shirt in tribute to the Mythbuster Sermon series underway. Check out the beret and how about the four sheets of music on the piano.

I enjoy Pastor Pierce and my job at FBC. In terms of my role in Sunday morning support – it is always challenging to produce the highest quality that can be achieved in the time available. I’m striving to do the best I can, with what I have, in the time I have to work – if that’s not good enough, I’ll have to polish the resume!

Mar 222008

I was blessed today in spite of being the sickest I have been in many years! Marena and I went to the church to lock up and check over the media for Easter Sunday. At the end, Marena was proud to show me a Nicole Nordeman song on youtube. It was a wonderful video portraying the last moments of Christ’s life. It was inspiring.

Then we went to the drug store to get Tasha’s medicine (she is VERY sick). On the way home Marena surprised me by saying, “Dad, can we take a drive before we go home?” Of course! We went to the ice cream store in Girard and ended up eating chili and sharing french fries w/chili. I guess it was too cold for ice cream. Marena ended it off by saying, “that satisfied my appetite.”

Dear God, thank you for these wonderful moments with my children. The moments are remarkably simple but I suspect they are priceless. Please be a loud and constant voice in my children’s ears. I pray they will seek You out and will love You the way I have loved them.


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Mar 212008

Ever just want to cry out to mommy (the whole world) how sick you are! Well this is me doing it on the world wide web. I left work today and have been getting sicker so quick I can’t believe it. Luckily, I don’t get sick too often for too long so I’ll be back. Besides, Easter is coming!


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Mar 172008

I produce a weekly recorded radio program for FBC-Coldwater called The Great Adventure. But this morning I was interviewed live on the radio for the second time in my life. I try to be careful when I am communicating with others that I don’t put my foot in my mouth or somehow say something to cause harm. Though people can not be pleased all of the time, caring to avoid harm takes thought before speaking. So having a spontaneous conversation with radio personality Jim Whelan is more than a little scary for me!

Isaiah 41:10 – Don’t be afraid for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. I am amazed at the power of prayer applied in the earthly actions I have to take each day. Whether it is talking on a radio program, cleaning a projector 40 feet overhead (I shouldn’t do this without wings), or talking to 100 high school runners; a little prayer goes a long way! Thank you, God.

Here are links to the two radio spots:

Today was my first track meet as a Coach. We took a small group of seasoned athletes and walked away with 17 medals! I’ll accept that.

At one point in the meet I was standing with Assistant Coaches Jim Bilsborrow and Mike McConnell while Cliff Bowers was securing a first place finish in the Shot Put. I am so pleased with the style of these two coaches. A thrower that was a little down was receiving instruction from Coach McConnell and at the end of his exchange, Coach instructed the thrower to, “put a smile on your face.” It was nice of him to say this, though it came out as more of an order than a request. The thrower tried to hold out – be tough. But ultimately the thrower loosened up and you could tell that Coach McConnell delivered the instruction that was needed, and followed it up with the compassion that that the thrower needed. All while staying a tough guy!

Coach Bilsborrow has so many years of experience. He knows the techniques and the most effective ways to instruct. And he gets sooo excited to hear one of the athletes has improved their personal best. Praise God for Coaches like these two and praise Him for putting me in a position to observe their style and to hopefully continue their winning tradition!

Mar 152008

I started date night with my oldest daughter, Marena, when she was around 6 years old and now she is 13. I actually kept this going three or four times a year and now I’ve started it up with my youngest daughter, Sara. Sara is almost 8. Marena still talks about some of the dates. Marena really liked dinner at the old Firehouse Restaurant followed by the play at Tibbits, You’re A Good Kid, Charlie Brown.

I want my young ladies to know the way they deserve to be treated. They should EXPECT respect from others, especially boys. I hesitate to say men, I’m not ready for even the thought of that yet. Tonight Sara and I had a nice time at McD’s and then went to a great family movie, Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who. Sara stated this is probably one of the last times she’ll be playing at the Playland because she is getting too big. My heart is a little sad….but I had a great time tonight anyway! Thanks, Sara.

Mar 152008

I had an awesome day at Granger Church today. I didn’t know Dan Vukmirovich before joining the staff at FBC-Coldwater, but he seems like a follower of Jesus Christ that I want to be associated with. The ride home with two Russes (how do I spell that) in the front seat made answering to Pastor Pierce a little weird! It was hard telling who he was talking to. Maybe that’s a taste of the way the two Dave’s feel around the church.

Why does sound and video matter? The Message isn’t changing so what place does sound and video have in the service? I encourage the people that ask me that question to pray to God for the answers. Prayers have led me to believe it is important to be able to relate to people where they are – and today that means making use of visual arts. It isn’t awesome that this media can be used to promote separation from God. But it IS awesome that God is working in my life to make me a resource for Him through this media. May God direct my ability to new levels of inspiration and quality, that my work will result in helping my community prepare to receive the Word of God.

Mar 142008

This is Buster Brown and the yippy little dog is Ginger. Buster is mine and Ginger is Tasha’s.

Buster is four years old and a wonderful friend. I’m pretty sure English is a second language for him. He’ll answer yes with a nod of his head and knows how to ‘go find’ by name any of our family in the house. The kids love playing with him and I think he’d fight to the death for any of us! About Ginger, like I said the yippy dog is Tasha’s – long story :)

My First Entry

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Mar 122008

This is my first entry. I’ll try to update this often and we’ll see how it goes. Today – I’m thinking about track. I am the head coach for the boys track team. I care so much about the kids I lead – and I want them to do well on and off the track. I pray that God will give me the energy and wisdom to direct and lead.

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